Foxfire Academy has some strict policies when it comes to students' behavior. Please follow these rules, as they make Foxfire a fun and safe place. If you don't, you are required to go to detention. This means no participating in any classes. Your first offense will be a warning, your second will be a second warning, your third will be a day in detention, your fourth will be a week to a month, based off of the severeness of the offense, in detention, and if you so much to as offend a fifth time, you will be expelled from Foxfire. No coming back.

Foxfire Academy Rules: (and translations)

  1. Please do not cause a ruckus. The hallways must stay orderly. (Translation: Do not be annoying)
  2. Please refrain from swearing, even words you find okay, as they can still make other students uncomfortable. Remember, there are Level Ones here. (Translation: most of the wiki users are under the age of sixteen, so please be mindful of that and don’t swear)
  3. No mature topics. We have students who are not ready to hear these things or feel uncomfortable and unsafe around these topics. Remember, most of our students are below the age of sixteen.
  4. Do not be a Keefe Sencen. No pranks or sneaking into the Principal's office. (Translation: don’t mess with anyone)
  5. Do not use a cloning machine of any kind. These are for important purposes only. (Translation: Do not make alternate accounts unless they are administration approved)
  6. Be kind to other students. (Translation: No bullying or derogatory terms used)
  7. Pay attention in class. (Translation: Don't just drop out of a roleplay, make sure to leave a message in the roleplay first because some users may be waiting.)
  8. Learn something! (Translation: Have fun on the wiki!)

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